Our Programme


Pre Kindy

We are a play based Pre Kindy, we follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) this is the National Education curriculum for children aged 0 5 years. The fundamentals behind EYLF are

• Belonging Children being connected to family,
  cultures, and place.
• Being For children to be able to seek and make
  meaning of their world.
• Becoming Identifies children's knowledge,
  understanding, capacities, skills and relationships.

Educators will guide children to make choices and decisions on activities throughout the day. The children will have the choice to be indoors or outdoor activity time guided by our flexible routine.

Activities will be planned to include a variety of things that will capture children's imaginations, from music, drama, role play and being creative. The learning centres will be set up so that children are encouraged to make choices for themselves.

Your child will have a portfolio which is a varied document of their time with us, including work, photos and observations. Children will do activities based on topics that will be creative and open ended.


As our group sizes are smaller we can have flexible routines allowing for children's interest's, extensions and follow ups which can also include spontaneous activities.

The program provides a variety of activities to cater for the children’s development in all areas, including social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual.